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SciCalc scientific calculator

With SciCalc you can perform your calculations easily and with pleasure. Large screen font, status text and mode indicators, make you feel comfortably - you always know what's going on.

Did you ever wanted to quick calculate 1.7+1/3%, or log2(3/7), or 2+6dB ?

In Fraction mode, your result can be also presented as natural fraction: 2.5+7/8=3_3/8.

If you want to add or subtract dates or time, you can view result in different units: weeks, seconds or even TV frames.

Of course there is Base-N (Integer) mode, where you can use almost every logical operator.

You can also use built-in financial functions, which are dialog-based, so using them is extremely ease.

And if you don't know the function of particular button, simply use Context Help, and you will see short description of the button. This makes you feel safely with the program.

SciCalc is also equipped with unit converter and physical constants table.

Whether you are scientist, engineer or student, SciCalc will give you power and pleasure, so don't wait and purchase this excellent program. You can also download free trial version.

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Compatible operating systems:

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SciCalc number representations

You can view numbers in different ways. As fraction, degrees-minutes-seconds, even as Roman Numeral. You can also lower high display precision using ENG, SCI, and FIX modes. If you want to view metric or binary prefixes, use ENG or BIN buttons.

In Fraction mode, program performs calculations on natural fractions (if possible).

With over 550 units converter, you can survive in Metric/U.S./Imperial chaos.
Most of the conversion factors are exact, or have 15 digits of accuracy.
The converter can even calculate using natural fractions.

You can also use over 270 physical constants grouped in categories. Constants are displayed with units, so you always know what number you get.

SciCalc time conversions

Financial and Date/Time mode lets you easily perform financial calculations.
You can calculate time difference between dates and view result in different units.

SciCalc integer conversions

In Integer mode you can perform any logical operation. You can switch between different number bases and byte widths. You can also change signed/unsigned attribute of the number.

SciCalc unit numbers

Due to unique calculator design, you can easily convert, add or subtract Percents, Decibels and Nepers. You can use such unit numbers in memory, in constant calculations and even in parentheses!

10 + 10 %= 11.
10 + 10 dB10= 100.
10 + 10 dB20= 31.6227666016838
10 + 10 Np= 220264.657948067

It has never been so easy!

SciCalc status text

Besides normal help, the program offers two other methods of advice. First method is status text always displayed on screen.

SciCalc context help

Second method is Context Help, which can be activated by simply selecting Help button button. In Context Help mode, anytime you select a button or screen area, descriptive text is displayed.

SciCalc dynamic screen update

Mobile version supports dynamic screen resolution and orientation changes. You can even customize buttons layout.

Version History:
v. 2.6 - Added support for Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x, new display modes: no-toolbar and fullscreen. Many enhancements.

Available versions:
SciCalc can be purchased in one of three versions. All have different prices, so the registration code is different:

for Mobile Windows
For use on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile.
for Desktop Windows
For use on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, or Windows Server versions, on Tablet, Netbook, Notebook or Desktop computer.
for Mobile and Desktop Windows
Two above versions packed in one installation program and promotional price.

SciCalc Mobile can be used in one of three editions, appropriate to user device type and operating system version. User can install any of these versions assuming the program version is the same:

WM 6.x
For use on Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x. Supports VGA and square screens including 240400, 480800, 320320 and screen rotation.
PPC 2003
For use on old Pocket PC 2003. Supports VGA and square screens and screen rotation.
PPC 2000 / 2002
For use on oldest Pocket PC 2000 / 2002 with ARM, SH3 or MIPS processors. Supports only 240320 screen resolution. Minimal file size.

SciCalc does not run on Windows 95/98/NT, or Windows CE 1.0/2.x.

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